Bayou State Oil Corporation is an Operator and First Purchaser in Northwest Louisiana.  As a First Purchaser, our target customers are producers of oil from the Nacatoch Sand.  We are focused on providing competitive pricing; flexible transportation and logistics solutions; and safe, reliable service to meet our customer’s needs.



Bayou State’s team is adept at finding the most efficient use of our resources at hand.  We use a combination of gathering lines, line haul, and terminals to make sure your product arrives in the safest, smartest way.

Not only that, our industry standard quality control measures, strict accountability processes, and process control metrics ensure that we achieve the highest levels of operational excellence.



We, at Bayou State Oil, are specialists at buying North Louisiana Nacatoch crude oil for the purposes of future resale.  Our rigorous testing and safety standards ensure an accountability that exceeds industry practice.  We strive for accuracy in both measurement of and payment for the crude oil purchased.

We are committed to our Operator’s and demonstrate that commitment by offering Division Order processing and Owner interest maintenance.  We also will, at the Operator’s discretion, assume the responsibility of calculating and withholding from Royalty payments, and reporting and remitting to the Louisiana Department of Revenue all applicable Severance Taxes, including the Oilfield Site Restoration Tax.

Our Revenue Department offers consistent remittance of Royalty payments, usually on the 20th of each month, offering the interest owner’s their choice of check or ACH payments.  In addition, we offer a secure Owner Portal through which Operator Run Statements, Owner’s Remittances, and 1099s are accessible anytime after they become available.